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#YouTubeNews January 27, 2018 / 00:01 AM UTC

Johnny Dee With More Subscribers Now Than Before The Scam, PewDiePie With a New Move

Great news for all Johnny Dee Fans! Johnny not only regained his 100K+ subscribers after being scammed earlier this month but even growing faster than before now! Hurray!

The long story short first before the update

After his Youtube account was stolen and deleted by scammers posing as representatives of a big Record Label (Atlantic Records), who asked Johnny, a senior amateur home karaoke singer of popular songs with a unique styling, for his e-mail and Youtube accounts passwords with promises to sell his audios to fans, and which Johnny readily gave out of naivety, his 8-year work and 1,000+ videos with unique covers of popular songs were gone for good earlier this month, on January 14th, 2018.

After finding out that Johnny's channel was gone, the Youtube community got panicked, because they loved Johnny for the joy he brought them with his videos, which they were used to wait and watch every day, and at first people thought that Youtube banned his account because of copyrights infringement or that he deleted his channel himself, which was highly unlikely bearing in mind that Johnny seemed so happy lately in his videos because of his growing success and popularity, the next day, on January 15th, 2018, the mystery was revealed by Johnny's son-in-law Kevin Albert with a video on his own channel, where he said that Johnny asked him to make an announcement to explain the situation and he even showed proof of the scam - the conversation between Johnny and the alleged record label manager over messages on Johnny's Facebook profile.

What followed was another frenzy and Johnny's devoted community bombarded Youtube with requests to restore his account along with the content from their database backups and they also asked PewDiePie - the biggest youtuber of all times, who gave Johnny's channel a huge boost by mentioning him as his most favorite artist of all times in his Christmas 2017 video, causing a growth of then 10K subscribers of Johnny's to over 100K subscribers in few weeks only, to make a step and help Johnny to get his account and/or users back.

There was a panic going on for days since a lot of fake profiles popped out after the hack and Johnny himself was too emotionally drained and tired to make an immediate statement. Two new channels seemed to be owned by Johnny after he lost control over his original one (his son-in-law stated in his video about Johnny that he made a new channel with the same name, Johnny Dee, but forgot the password for, so Johnny created a second one with a different name, John De Nardis, as is his full name) and nobody was sure if it was really him or not and people were constantly asking Johnny to make a special video about the situation to make sure that these are really Johnny's channels and not some fake profiles.

PewDiePie finally seemed to had made a move on January 19th, 2018, when he left a comment below one of Johnny's few uploads in his second new channel, John De Nardis, stating that he contacted Youtube with a request to give Johnny's channel back and asking Johnny to check his email if it's really him uploading videos on the current channel.

Finally, Johnny appeared personally on a video in his first new channel, Johnny Dee, gotten control over his account after the forgotten password and with PewDiePie's help, with a long explanation and a lot of warnings to his fans about the hackers and scammer on the internet, seemingly tired and depressed, but stating that he loves singing and he will keep on singing for his loving community for the rest of his life. Youtube didn't recover his original channel and content after all but nevertheless, Johnny's channel started growing rapidly again after PewDiePie's move and his explanatory video gaining more than thousands of subscribers overnight on January 19th and waking up with 5K subscribers the next day on January 20th and steadily adding even more thousands over the next days.

*You can refer to our "What happened to Johnny Dee's Channel?!" and "Johnny's Back" articles for more details about the story ...


PewDiePie gave another major boost to Johnny's Channel 3 days ago by mentioning him at the end of his daily vlog on January 23rd, 2018, called "STEALING MY CONTENT - LWIAY #0021" here:


and placing links to Johnny's Youtube channel and Patreon accounts below the video, with messages to his "BroArmy" to support Johnny.

PewDiePies says "This is the most heart-breaking thing and most vicious and cruel I have seen in recent time." about the situation with Johnny in his video.

He thanks his bros for pointing out that Johnny's channel was deleted and for their "sweet" reactions both to Johnny's videos, and their support after the attack. After making a short retrospection of the whole story with Johnny Dee, he mentions the following personal explanatory video of Johnny's from his new channel after the scam, referring to it as "the saddest thing".

PewDiePie states that he contacted Youtube about the situation with Johnny's channel and expresses his surprise of lack of reaction by Youtube and adds "But at the very least I feel responsible cuz this wouldn't have happened unless I made a video on him, so please SUPPORT JOHNNY DEE! ... Go, subscribe for it (the channel), go, help a man out!" addressing his fans with a deep emotional voice.

And guess what?! Johnny has more than 142K subscribers now in comparison to his 15K+ subscribers only few days ago!

It seems that Johnny got his strength and moods back since he's uploading new videos day and night now with his karaoke versions of his favorite popular classics and gangsta rap style songs, singing out loud Notorious B.I.G's "Hypnotize" and Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men's "One Sweet Day" for example, with his fancy hats and sunglasses, just like before ...

120 videos available in his channel now and Johnny not sleeping but generously giving out his favorites "hearts" to fans comments below the videos again and fans predicting and hoping that he would reach 500K subscribers very soon, leaving their sweet comments below their icon's fancy videos, as always ... Such a nice feeling, right?!