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#YouTubeNews January 18, 2018 / 13:01 PM UTC

“What happened to Johnny Dee's Youtube channel?!”

“What happened to Johnny Dee's Youtube channel?!”

This is the question that wanders the internet these days.

Few days ago the whole Youtube community was panic-struck by the sudden disappearance of Johnny Dee's Youtube Channel - an elderly karaoke-singing gentleman with a unique style.

Youtube's "аngelic voice", as his fans often like to call him, making Karaoke covers of popular songs of his own unconventional choice - from 80's and 90's classics to nowadays' hits, from jazz, to pop and even hip-hop and rap sometimes (one of his latest covers was on "Lil Pumps "Gucci Gang"), got famous after Youtube's biggest vlogger of all times PewDiePie mentioned Johnny on one of his daily vlogs around Christmas 2017, called "This Man Should Have Been on Youtube Rewind", stating that Johnny is his most favorite artist of all time and that his voice melts PewDiePie's heart and makes him always wonder what's coming next. He even calls Johnny "a legend" and sings along with his icon in the video.


PewDiePie shares with his fans that he admires Johnny's "incredible esthetic and style" (Johnny often wears different sunglasses and hats) and his passionate and loving community always supporting their idol.

This statement outburst a frenzy among PewDiePie's almost 60 millions fans from all over the world giving immense boost to Johnny Dee's 7-year old Youtube channel which had around 10K fans before this video but this number sky-rocketed to over 100K in less than 2 weeks.

"His voice... it is so majestic and has the properties to heal even the most horrid wounds in this universe. Even, Helen Keller would shed a tear by this video. Mozart, Beethoven, Bach ,and many more historic music composers would bow down to this being. His voice is unrivaled to even the most popular singers. When this man passes on to the afterlife, his legacy will be forever etched into this world." one of Johnny's fans sighs on a comment for his icon's creations. This is Johnny's impact on people ...

On the tragic morning of Jan 14th, 2018, Youtube community woke up to find out that Johnny's Youtube channel has been deleted!

Speculations started, naturally. Some suggested than Johnny did it himself for some reason but this was a highly unlikely scenario since Johnny became more active than usual after the frenzy began and he seemed happier than usual in his latest videos. Then his fans came up with another option - maybe Youtube deleted his channel because of a copyright infringement around the songs he uses for his videos?


The mystery was revealed a day later, on Jan 15th, 2018, by Johnny's son-in-law Kevin Albert with a Youtube video where Kevin states that the channel wasn't deleted by him but the truth is that Johnny's account was hacked by scammers posing as members of "a Record Label".


Kevin says that Johnny wanted him to share this information with his fans and he even shows proof - messages from Johnny's Facebook profile Messenger - his conversation with the alleged record label representatives where they promise Johnny to make him part of the label so his fans can download audio of the songs he sings and want Johnny to provide them with his e-mail and Youtube account passwords so they set up and fix the label on his profile.


A message of a fan of Johnny's, expressing his sadness in a comment below the video, says it all about the moods in the whole community after what happened: "... Like the dude brought nothing but joy to EVERYONE!! that's so sad and dam cruel to do that to a man who's work was just to sing and make people happy ..." (punctuation and grammar - as originally written by the comment owner).

Now everybody hopes Johnny to be fine and prays for a second chance for him. Some hope PewDiePie to make a move and help him out to regain his subscribers with another video for Johnny, or Youtube to step up and recover Johnny's channel from their database backups. Nothing yet ...

In the meantime a lot of fake Johnny Dee profiles pop up on Youtube and a big confusion takes place among the masses. There are two accounts on the name of Johnny on Youtube now, which are most probably owned by him, and where Johnny seems to post comments - on one of them, called "Johnny Dee", where there's just one video uploaded and Johnny states that his original account was hacked but adds that he forgot the password for the current one and that he is going to set up another channel, and yet a second one, called "John De Nardis" with 3 videos uploaded and a lot of comments from the channel owner who states he IS Johnny but many fans are still in doubt after the hacker's attack and asking him to make a personal explanation video about what exactly happened with his channel and so that they can verify that it is him for real.


Johnny's son-in-law Kevin Albert posts frequent updates on his own Youtube channel on behalf of Johnny as a family member of his. We noticed that Johnny's daughter adds a lot of information on the comments below Kevin's videos, too, from her own profile "Phareigh's Cavern".

Now that the crowd is holding their breath for the outcome of the situation, one thing is for sure - Johnny has a lot of fans who are ready to help him out regain his strength in every way they can, and hopefully he will rise and shine soon, maybe even in a better shape. We believe!

So let us all SHOUTOUT for Johnny! GO, JOHNNY, GO!!! Nothing's gonna stop you now, go!


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