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#YouTubeNews March 13, 2018 / 20:03 PM UTC

Another Luis Fonsi and The Chainsmokers Hit Videos Reached 1 Billion Views and Pharrell Williams' "Happy" Finally Part of Youtube's Billion View Club Too

"Despacito" Singer With Another View Billionaire Video on Youtube

Luis Fonsi, the latest music super celebrity and current record holder for all-time most popular video on Youtube with Despacito, loudly entered Youtube's Billion View Club with another smash hit last week.

The Puerto Rican singer and songwriter entered a successful collaboration with another young and talented artist, the American singer and songwirter Demi Lovato. That's how Echame la Culpa (Put The Blame On Me) duet song was born in late 2017.

Fonsi himself is a co-writer of the song, along with another latino artist and few producers, and he's been solo performing it across whole last summer during his live shows. Surprisingly Demi Lovato posted a teaser photo from the music video shoot on her Instagram in late October 2017, to which Luis Fonsi reacted with a "What's up Demi ..." comment and later on added a behind-the-scenes picture to his own Instagram account with the cheerful "Finished! It's a wrap" words and the playful "Hola Fonsi" comment by Demi Lovato followed. Then official news came up finally. Early November MTV News reported that the collaboration between the two artists will be named Echame la Culpa. In an interview for another media Luis Fonsi admitted that the video has been filmed already, that it was a fun record, and announced that the premiere will take place in two weeks.

The official release date was November 17th, 2017. The undeniable chemistry between the two artists and song's rhythm being equally infectious as Despacito's gave lightning fast results. Song's video gained speed on Youtube so fast that it reached 1 million views in its first 6 hours only, 10 million views - in 18 hours, 100 million views - in 8 days, 200 million views - in 20 days, 500 million views - in 53 days, and finally, the major milestone of 1 billion views were reached in 110 days of its upload, on March 8th, 2018. Echame la Culpa quickly positioned on top of the charts all over Europe.

"The lyrics are very joyful. It's that play on words, that famous cliché of 'It's not you, it's me' that many of us have used", Fonsi commented the song after the premiere. Critics regarded it as "a welcomed refresher away from the ongoing 'Despacito' takeover".

As for the most recent news, despite Demi Lovato's flawless Spanish, the duet decided to make an english version of the song, which was released in early March, 2018, and the remix was titled Not On You.

Pharell Williams Happy To Be Part Of Youtube's Billion View Club

Another interesting fact lately is that the video of the one of the most catchiest songs of all times, Pharrell Williams' cult hit Happy, finally got into Youtube's Billion View Club, too, whole 4.5 years after its release. The milestone was reached on March 3rd, 2018.

Pharrell Williams is both the writer, producer and performer of the song, which is part of Despicable 2 movie soundtrack. It was first released in November, 2013.

The record quickly became the best song of 2014 in every possible category. It peaked at No.1 in United Kingdom, United States, Canada, New Zealand and 20 more other countries and became the best selling song of 2014 with 14 million copies sold worldwide for the year. The song was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song and won Best Solo Performance and Best Music Video category awards at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards. Song's video received nominations at MTV Music Awards as well - for Best Male Video and Video of the Year.

The song is so cheerful and both the lyrics and the beat are so catchy that even years after its release you still want to sing along and dance on the funky groove when you hear it, so its unbelievable that it took the video so long to hit the major mark of 1 billion views on Youtube!

The Chainsmokers With a Second Entry in Youtube's View Billionaires Club

The American electronic music duo seems to be living their golden age lately. The Chainsmokers recently entered Youtube's Billion View Club with a second successful collaboration. This is what happens when you combine the efforts of the hottest electronic dance music group lately, The Chainsmokers, with one of the most popular and loved rock bands in the world, Coldplay.

As unlikely as this collaboration might seem, it became a super team-up and gave life to a new smash hit. Something Just Like This meshes Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall's talented way of getting the audience into an electro oblivion and British rock band Coldplay's lead singer Chris Martin's dry, smooth, soaring vocals combining best of both electro dance and rock worlds. Along with the meaningful lyrics of the song, capturing the struggles in our minds in the fight between idealized longings of people dreaming to be superheroes, especially when it comes to love, and the harsh realities of who we really are, these pretty much guaranteed the success of the track.

The collaboration came out as a surprise and debuted live during the latest BRIT Awards without any warning before that. After the colorful live performance, the song was warmly embraced by the audience.

The record was released as the second single of The Chainsmokers' debut album Memories ... Do Not Open in February 2017 and as the lead single in Coldplay's extended play Kaleidoscope.

The song received a nomination at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and peaked at No.3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2017 becoming The Chainsmokers' third entry in Top 5 after Don't Let Me Down and Closer, and Coldplay's second entry in Top 5 after Viva La Vida.

"We couldn’t be more excited about our nomination this year with Coldplay. To be nominated with one of our biggest musical inspirations is a dream come true, and the perfect ending to an incredible journey with them on this collaboration.", Pall confesses to Billboard.

Curiosity of millions of fans of both bands from all over the world wanting to see what all the buzz was about lead to a frenzy and the animated lyric video of the track instantly broke a new all-time record by getting over 9 million views on Youtube within its first 24 hours of availability leaving behind the previous holder of the record for most views of a lyric video in a single day Justin Bieber with his What Do You Mean solo hit which was played 8.2 million times in its first day in 2015.

The Chainsmokers don't seem to let the momentum slow down for Something Just Like This is not the only record holder for the famous duo. Closer's video, The Chainsmokers' collaboration song with Halsey, is the first ever lyric video to have hit 1 billion views on Youtube and recently it even reached another major mark by passing 2 billion views on Youtube by the way. The duo was also nominated for a Grammy Award in Best New Artist and Best Dance Recording categories for the latter the previous year, snagging the statue for another successful collaboration with Daya for Don't Let Me Down in Best Dance Recording category the same year.

The pair seems to have found the recipe of success, what's left for us is to and enjoy and see what future will bring ...