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#YouTubeNews January 19, 2018 / 22:01 PM UTC

Johnny Dee Is Back on Youtube!

Johnny Dee Is Back on Youtube!

Heads up, dear Youtubers - JOHNNY'S BACK!!!

Here's an update for what's happening after it got clear that Youtube community's most favorite senior covers singer with unconventional style, Johnny Dee's channel, which became a must-see phenomenon lately, was hacked by scammers stating that they are representatives of Atlantic Records and they would help him out to sell his audios to fans ...

It seems that both accounts that we mentioned in our previous post here,


one of them named "Johnny Dee" and the other one on his real name "John De Nardis", were owned and managed personally by Johnny, as we suggested, and Dee is safe and sound!

Many of Johnny's fans were in deep doubts that really it is Johnny himself commenting under the videos after the hackers' attack, so they were constantly asking him for a personal explanation on a video for what exactly happened.

Everybody was hoping for PewDiePie to step up and make another video for Johnny to help him out get his channel back or at least get his 100K+ subscribers back, which Johnny gained after being recognized as the most favorite artist of all times byt PewDiePie himself, and some were praying for Youtube to retrieve the channel from their database backups and give it back to Johnny.

It is a fact now, PewDiePie finally seems to have made a move, since we noticed his personal comment under Johnny's "Creep,Radiohead" video on Johnny's second channel "John De Nardis":

"Hi John!

Im not sure if this is your real new account. But I asked YouTube to help get your account back. Please check your email that you used to sign up to YouTube with."


PewDiePie's "Bro Army" floods the video with gratitude messages in replies to his comment and finally Johnny Dee shows up in one of the replies from his "JohnnyDee" account (not the hacked account that he lost access to but the first account he creates after the scam and he stated that he forgot the password for) saying:

"PewDiePie thank you"

We noticed Johnny getting obviously frustrated over a comment of a user saying:

"Mabe it was the real Atlantic Records because his channel sure went down like the Titanic."

Johnny's reply to that: "Max Millions Maybe you should get some brains!!! It was a scammer on facebook that stoled my channel!!!"

Anyway, it's official, THIS is Johnny Dee's REAL and active ACCOUNT now on Youtube:


He seems to be getting back his subscribers almost with the speed of light since, especially after PewDiePie's help, and now, in less than a day, their number on the above mentioned account has grown from 1.2K to 4.4K subscribers and growing fast.

There we found the longed Johnny's personal EXPLANATION to fans on a special video upon their request:


“I’m not too good on a computer, and I think everyone that I can trust is good. I did this story to tell you that I got scammed. I didn’t think anybody could be that evil. The scammer messaged me on Facebook and I don’t know what to tell you, but bad things happen. I will never give out my password again — to anyone!”, Johnny says looking obviously tired and sad.

He states he is worried that if he doesn’t get his original channel back from YouTube, he won’t get paid for his content for under YouTube’s new rules one must achieve more than 4,000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months and have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers to be able to monetize their channel. Now the question is will Johnny be able to make it before February 20th when the new monetization criteria for YouTube’s Partner Program will take effect.

After sending multiple warning messages to his fans asking them to be careful about the scammer on the internet, saying it is full of them, Johnny shares with his fans that he is too depressed to make music now but then he adds: “I’m not that computer literate, but I love to sing, that’s why I will keep on singing to you for the rest of my life. I’m not going to let a few dollars ruin my life. I’m going to do what I started to do when I joined YouTube.”

And yes, thank God, he rose like a phoenix from the ashes since he's uploading a lot of brand new videos one after another now and finally we can see him smiling again on the camera, with a different styling on every video!

After uploading just a single video on January 15th, the following day after the scammers hack, now he has total of 22 videos, most of them freshly made and uploaded in the last 10 hours!

Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud", Pet Shop Boys' "West End Girls", Pharrell Williams' "It Girl" and Snoop Dogg's "Lodi Dodi" popular songs' covers by Johnny Dee make his fans explode with loving messages on comments below the new videos.

People's reaction is really outstandingly heartwarming ... Everybody seems to be messaging Youtube, asking them to give back Johnny access to his original account and retrieve his 1000+ videos uploaded over the 8 years of its existence, and making tweets with loud shoutouts about it.

In the end, nothing's lost and as one of Johnny's fans once predicted, "his legacy will be forever etched into this world" after all ...

Nothing's gonna stop you, GO, JOHNNY, GO!!!

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