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#YouTubeNews February 21, 2018 / 15:02 PM UTC

A Baby Song Just Hit 1 Billion Views On Youtube!

WARNING! Highly contagious content ahead, read at your own risk!

"Baby Shark, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, baby shark!

Mommy Shark, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, mommy shark! ..."

Sounds familiar? Yes, that's right, this is the ridiculously infectious "Baby Shark" children's song.

Even if you don't have kids, probably it's chasing you around every corner still - on your newsfeed on social media networks, or with this friend or a colleague of yours at work that's annoyingly humming the nursery rhyme and maybe even trying to make you do it too.

For those of you that are still out of the loop, here:


This is not a song you would hear on TV or on the radio. It's one of those internet phenomena that accidentally went viral. So viral that it just hit 1 billion views on Youtube and became the 101st member of Youtube's view billionaires club.

It didn't happen overnight, though. The song has been around for a while now - it was published on Youtube in June, 2016, by a Seoul-based Korean company, called Pinkfong, a brand of the Korean startup company SmartStudy, which is producing educational animated content for children aiming to make the learning process fun for kids.

Although it was meant for children, the song became highly addictive among adults as well because of its simplicity - the lyrics are very easy to remember and some of the verses are being repeated over and over again, which is another one of the secret formulas for a hit song. And when you add the entertaining upbeat music and the funny dance moves - THERE YOU GO! - another WORLD HIT.

But the video went really viral after the producing company Pinkfong released the #BabySharkChallenge on social media and started a dance frenzy among families and celebrities in August, 2017. The popularity of the song rapidly spread all over Southeast Asia after the Indonesian internet celebrity Amanda Cerny took the challenge and performed an interesting cover of "Baby Shark" song on a TV show. K-pop stars like Girls' Generation, Red Velvet and Black Pink followed with covers of the catchy hit at their concerts.

Pinkfong even released a mobile application, which became one of the Top 10 most downloaded family apps in Indonesia, South Korea, Bangladesh, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The startup stated that no intentional marketing was implied with #BabySharkChallenge but it's getting the results anyway. Now the dance craze is spreading all over the world with the speed of light - 1 billion views on Youtube and counting fast!

"Baby Shark" became such a digital sensation that it is being referred to as the next big thing coming out of South Korea after "Gangnam Style".

Pinkfong's Youtube channel popularity jumped up with 300% thanks to the frenzy and the company is taking good advantage of the "Baby Shark" wave - it managed to penetrate the tough Chinese market and it's heading to USA. Now aside from Seoul, the startup also has offices in Shanghai and Los Angeles, and with 85% of the total views of the video coming from international markets and 65% of the revenue from company's digital content coming from countries outside South Korea, Pinkfong is expecting their revenue to increase with 30% during this year and they promise to produce local content and make collaborations with successful artists from different regions.